Station House Band

A three piece band playing hits from the 50’s all the way up to today’s top 40.

The Station House Band

There are two versions of this band. A dance rock version and an acoustic version.

This band can play all acoustic for a nice quiet evening with background music or bring the full set up and rock the party!

Song List
Here is a sample set list we have been known to play. We use set lists as a guide and often change songs on the fly.

45 min sets
Set 1
1. Peaceful easy feeling   E
2. Last kiss.       E
3. Jenny 8675309.    F#min
4. Feeling all right.     C
5. All right now.   A
6. Wild nights.    E min
7. Flip-flop fly.   A
8. So far away for me.   E
9. Sunspot baby.     E
10. You’re so bad.   A min
Extra song sharp dressed man.   C

Set 2
1. Don’t do me like that.   G
2. Counting stars.   C# min
3. Swing town.     A
4. What I like about you.     D
5. Superstition.    E
6. Stuck in the middle.   D
7. Slowdown.    C
8. Pretty woman    E
9. Brown sugar.   G.    C
10. Does your mother know.   G
Extra song 500 miles

Set 3
1. I got a feeling.  G
2. Some kind of wonderful. Or break up song
3. Mercury blues.  F
4. Ocean pearl    E
5. Da do do do.  A
6. I’m going down.   Bb
7. New Orleans is sinking.   E
8. Susie Q   E
9. Gloria.   E
10. Cadillac ranch.  F
Extra song satisfaction

Not the most photogenic bunch….but hey listen a little bit closer and I promise that will make up for it!

A few Clients

Best Western, Chances Casino ,Sonic Flower Entertainment, Gillnetter Pub